Sotera Health Chairman and CEO Presents at 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Jan 9, 2024

CLEVELAND, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sotera Health Company (“Sotera Health” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: SHC), a leading global provider of mission-critical end-to-end sterilization solutions and lab testing and advisory services for the healthcare industry, is presenting today at the 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. During the presentation, Chairman and CEO Michael B. Petras, Jr. will be providing an update on Sotera Health’s business.

“I am pleased to announce that Sotera Health delivered top-line growth in 2023 despite an ongoing challenging environment,” said Mr. Petras. “We expect full-year revenues to finish between $1.040 billion and $1.050 billion. The consistent growth we have demonstrated since going public in 2020 reinforces the criticality of Sotera Health’s role in global healthcare and the Company’s durable business model. We look forward to reporting our fourth-quarter and full year 2023 financial results on February 27, 2024.”

Mr. Petras, Jon Lyons, Senior Vice-President and CFO, and Jason Peterson, Vice President and Treasurer, are participating in meetings with investors during the conference. A live webcast of Mr. Petras’ presentation and accompanying materials may be accessed via the Investor Relations section of the Company’s website at Presentation & Events | Sotera Health. A replay of the webcast will be archived on the Company's website.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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About Sotera Health

Sotera Health Company is a leading global provider of mission-critical end-to-end sterilization solutions and lab testing and advisory services for the healthcare industry. Sotera Health goes to market through three businesses – Sterigenics®, Nordion® and Nelson Labs®. Sotera Health is committed to its mission, Safeguarding Global Health®.

Updates can be found from time to time on recent developments in matters relevant to investors on the Investor Relations section of the Company’s website at Investor Relations | Sotera Health. For developments related to Ethylene Oxide, updates can be found at Ethylene Oxide | Sotera Health.


Jason Peterson
Vice President & Treasurer, Sotera Health

Kristin Gibbs
Chief Marketing Officer, Sotera Health

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