Nelson Labs Earthquake & COVID-19 Continuity Plan — Update

Mar 18, 2020

Earthquake in Salt Lake City, Utah

This morning, Salt Lake City, UT experienced a magnitude 5.7 earthquake as well as several smaller aftershocks. Although we felt it strongly, I am happy to report that our buildings operated as designed and weathered this event very well. We sustained only minor cosmetic damage (some drywall cracks and a broken pipe, which is now repaired). This unexpected event has not disrupted our operations and our testing continues with a focus on sustaining our mission of Safeguarding Global Health® at this very crucial time.

Nelson Labs Coronavirus Continuity Plan Update

In addition to weathering the earthquake this week, we have taken the following additional steps to secure our operations to continue to meet your testing needs:

  • Each laboratory location is employing a rotating shift schedule with divided teams. This division of labor will minimize the risk of an infection disrupting an entire service line.
  • Shifted all possible non-laboratory staff to work-at-home status to increase social distancing, and to minimize the risk of infection of our staff. We maintain key, on-site personnel to perform testing.
  • We have closed our Salt Lake City location cafeteria to increase social distancing and to minimize infection risk in compliance with Utah State expectations
  • We continue to coordinate closely with our suppliers to ensure consistent supply flow to sustain testing

As I mentioned in my last update, our continuity plan is constantly being re-evaluated by our team and we are taking whatever measures we can to minimize the risks associated with this outbreak—without negative impacts or disruptions for our customers.

Please know that we realize the products you produce are as important as the patients they represent. That is why we are committed to working through this challenge as seamlessly as possible.


Jeffery R. Nelson, M.B.A. SM(NRCM)
Nelson Laboratories, LLC